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Kashif Kamran Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA) - June 24 | English | KK Prepare anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace. ACCA Extensive Course

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Course Detail

16 chapters

86 lectures

AAA Orientation Session

Block 2 Ethical and professional issues, practice management and quality management (Syllabus area B & C)

Block 3 Risk, evidence and reporting (Syllabus area D & E)

Block 4 other assignments (Syllabus area F)

Block 1 Regulatory environment (Syllabus area A)

Professional marks

Current issues (Syllabus area G)

AAA Dec 22 webinar to success

Mock debrief Dec 22

AAA Mar 23 webinar to success

Mock debrief Jun 23

Quality management_ practice session

AAA Webinar to success - Sep 2023

Mock Debrief AAA December 23

AAA March 24 Webinars

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  • Instructor

AAA Pre-recorded course by Kashif Kamran

Package includes:

Video lecturers on learning management system (LMS)

  • Total number of lectures : 67
  • Total number of lecture hours: 131
  • The lectures include both knowledge based lectures and the practice lectures
  • The course is up to date and reflects all recent changes, since Sept 22 exams the update in auditing standards, ISQM-1 & 2 and revised ISA-220, and the addition of new “other assignments “ in syllabus area F. 
  • The course already includes a Dec 22 and Mar 23 exclusive webinar to success (revision pack) for 25 hours which is exclusively available and is not publicly available.
  • The Jun 23 mock debrief is also included in the course worth 6.5 hours
  • (NEW) Moreover, in the month of Aug 23, there will be a revision webinar exclusive for the registered student where ACCA Sep 23 mock be will debrief and exam tips will be released, it will be in total 5 hours
  • The orientation session, for the pre-recorded course for Sep 23 will be held on 16th Jun 23, timings will be communicated later in the Whatsapp group, and the orientation will devise the study plan for the March exams.
  • You can enroll now and start your course asap.

Tutor Resources/ notes

  • You get tutor presentation notes and other resources through a google drive link shared in the WhatsApp group ( see below how to join the group)

WhatsApp group

  • To be added to AAA Whatsapp group, drop a Whatsapp message at +923332383442 (with your name and email id and evidence that you paid for AAA full course and mention is it for Sept 23 or Dec 23).


Feedback on your answer

  • You will get a tutor feedback on your answer ( practice of past papers), you can email as many answer you want for review at aamock@gmail.com
  • The Whatsapp group provides you the opportunity to interact with tutor and raise your queries. It is an interactive group where the tutor keep sharing all updates as well. You will get the google drive link for resources in this group.


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