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Luqman Rafiq - ACCA Financial Management (FM) - QBR - March 24 - Urdu - LR Prepare anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace. ACCA - Question Based Revision (QBR)

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26 chapters

30 lectures

1 PQ Pangli Co.

2 PQ Crago Co.

3 PQ Borrower

4 PQ Borrower

5 PQ Lender

6 PQ KFP Co.

7 PQ DD Co.

8 PQ NN Co.

9 PQ Tinep Co.

10 PQ Close Co.

11 PQ Chad Co.

12 PQ GWW Co.

13 PQ Pinks Co. NPV with Real & Nominal Cashflows

14 PQ PV Co. NPV IRR ARR Dis Payback

15 PQ BQK Co. NPV Multiple Product and ARR

16 PQ BRT Co. NPV with Different Variable Cost + ARR

17 PQ APX Co. W.Capital Financing

18 PQ Offering Early Settlement Discount

19 PQ Factoring Arrangement

20 PQ CSZ Co.

21 PQ KXP Co.

22 PQ Hebac Co.

23 PQ HDW Co.

24 PQ Par Co.

25 PQ Gemlo Co.

FM Revision Class for March 2024

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Suitable for students who have completed course study and are now looking for exam practice. The Question-Based Revision (QBR) consists of video solutions to past papers for a substantial portion of the course.

Luqman Rafiq - ACCA

Luqman Rafiq has been in teaching and training profession for more than 12 years now. He has been teaching Auditing, Financial Reporting and Financial Management to ICAP / ICAEW / ACCA / CIMA. He has conducted global webinars for ACCA, Exam Revision Sessions for ICAP, Tutor Training & Development sessions for CIMA and Exam Preparation sessions for ICAEW in the past on several occasions.

His students have achieved merit certificates and gold medals in ICAP Examinations and worldwide / nationwide positions in ACCA Exams. In addition to his teaching experience, he has headed advisory department of a family owned firm for 8 years.

He is famous for being a highly exam focused tutor having a very friendly attitude towards students.

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