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Luqman Rafiq - ACCA Performance Management (PM) - QBR - June 24 - English - LR Prepare anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace. ACCA - Question Based Revision (QBR)

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18 chapters

19 lectures

1 PQ Jofa Publishing

2 PQ Brick by Brick

3 PQ Gadget Co.

4 PQ Limiting Factor

5 PQ Linear Programming

6 PQ Organic Bread Co.

7 PQ Kappa Co.

8 PQ Bedco Co.

9 PQ Glove Co.

10 PQ Safe Soap Co.

11 PQ Valet Co.


13 MCQs Limiting Factor

14 MCQs Decision Making

Revision Marathon Sessions - December 2022

PM Revision Class for March 2024

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Suitable for students who have completed course study and are now looking for exam practice. The Question-Based Revision (QBR) consists of the video solutions to past papers for a substantial portion of the course.

Luqman Rafiq - ACCA

Luqman Rafiq has been in teaching and training profession for more than 12 years now. He has been teaching Auditing, Financial Reporting and Financial Management to ICAP / ICAEW / ACCA / CIMA. He has conducted global webinars for ACCA, Exam Revision Sessions for ICAP, Tutor Training & Development sessions for CIMA and Exam Preparation sessions for ICAEW in the past on several occasions.

His students have achieved merit certificates and gold medals in ICAP Examinations and worldwide / nationwide positions in ACCA Exams. In addition to his teaching experience, he has headed advisory department of a family owned firm for 8 years.

He is famous for being a highly exam focused tutor having a very friendly attitude towards students.

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