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Taha Popatia CAF 3 - Cost And Management Accounting - March 24 - Taha Popatia - Recorded Prepare anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace. CAF

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62 chapters

332 lectures

CAF-3 Orientation Session for March 2024


PRE-CMA – Basic Costing concepts

Topic # 1 – CVP / Break Even Analysis

Topic # 2 – Material and Labor cost common working used in different chapters

Topic # 3 – Overheads

Topic # 4 - Basic marginal and absorption costing

Topic # 5 – Job and service costing

Topic # 6 – High low method

Topic # 7 - Past Papers

Topic # 8 - Decision Making

Basic Cost Accounting - 1

Basic Cost Accounting - 2

Cost Volume Profit Analysis - 1

Cost Volume Profit Analysis - 2

Cost Volume Profit Analysis - 3


High low method

Target Costing


Activity Based Costing

Marginal and Absorption Costing – VERY IMPORTANT

Economic Order Quantity

Decision Making

Standard Costing

Material Variance

CAF-8 Past Papers

Process Costing

Labour Costing And Learning Curve

Inventory Valuation

Cost Flow Production

Autumn 2009 Past Papers

Autumn 2010 Past Papers

Autumn 2011 Past Papers

Autumn 2012 Past Papers

Autumn 2013 Past Papers

Autumn 2014 Past Papers

Autumn 2015 Past Papers

Autumn 2017 Past Papers

Autumn 2018 Past Papers

Autumn 2019 Past Papers

Autumn 2020 Past Papers

Autumn 2021 Past Papers

Spring 2010 Past Papers

Spring 2011 Past Papers

Spring 2012 Past Papers

Spring 2013 Past Papers

Spring 2014 Past Papers

Spring 2015 Past Papers

Spring 2016 Past Papers

Spring 2017 Past Papers

Spring 2018 Past Papers

Spring 2019 Past Papers

Spring 2020 Past Papers

Spring 2021 Past Papers

Autumn 2022 Past Papers

Autumn 2023 Past Papers

CAF - 3 - Workshop March 2022

Live Session - September 2023

Live Session - March 2024

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  • Instructor

Taha Popatia

Taha Popatia is a Professional Accounting Affiliate and Chartered Certified Accountant. He also holds a unique record of achieving multiple national positions as a high achiever in his journey as a student. He was also declared Pakistan's Top ACCA affiliate.


Taha believes in learning through technology and thinks that traditional classroom style teaching is going to be replaced by the new methods within a span of few years. He has also worked for Ernst and Young (Karachi office) before he finally quit Ernst and Young to pursue his passion for learning and development work. Presently, he is associated with nearly all famous professional accountancy institutes in karachi.

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